Plan your next vacation with Geo-Tube

The summer vacation is for many the best time of the year. Planning starts already months in advance. But the question, that pops up over and over again, is: Where to? With the map on Geo-Tube you can explore the world and find videos from possible locations for a nice holiday.

Find information for a city trip with Geo-Tube

Visiting a city can be very exciting. You get to feel the culture and the lifestyle of that specific place. But often it can be hard to organize a city tour. What places do I want to visit? Which are the most interesting? Here, the map from Geo-Tube can help you. You can find videos, that show you famous points of interest, fascinating museums and other places. They are marked at their exact location on the map, so it’s easy for you to find them or plan a tour through the city.

An example is the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Check out all the videos, that Geo-Tube has already added for this interesting city. You can take a look, at what awaits you at the Astrup Fearnley museum of modern and contemporary art. Or you pay attention to all the activities in the nature, that is surrounding Oslo. Videos present you the Botanical Garden in the city or show you, what you can do in the summer or winter at the adventure park north of Oslo. Much like for Oslo, you can find information of this kind for many other cities around the globe with

Map of Oslo
Map of Oslo

Classic holiday destinations and insider tip´s for a vacation

Then there are the classic destinations, that attract millions of travellers each year. Italy, for example, is such a place. With the map on Geo-Tube, you can find videos to many famous regions of the country. For example, you can find out, what awaits you, if you travel to the region of Tuscany. There are the historic cities of Siena and Florence as well as the tower of Pisa. Also, many vineyards can be visited, that produce wines like Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino. The south of Italy is also known for its beautiful landscape. With videos, you can get a feeling, how a vacation at the Amalfi coast feels like. Or you go into first-person-view and take a tour through the narrow old streets of Sorrento.

The Yucatan Peninsula, located at the Gulf of Mexico, is another interesting location for a vacation. With Geo-Tube, you find travel guides for Yucatan. They’ll show you, what you can expect from a holiday in that area. Yucatan is famous for its sandy beaches and warm weather. Also, many world-famous cultural sides are located in this area. For example the Temple of Kukulcan in Chichén Itzá, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, the history of the Spanish colonization is visible up to this day. The Cathedral of Mérida is one of those contemporary witnesses. It was build in 1598 and is one of the oldest cathedrals on the continent.

Map for vacation in the area of Yucatan
Map of the area of Yucatan

It doesn’t matter, which part of the world you explore on Geo-Tube: you will find vacation and travel guides almost everywhere!

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