Learn about accidents & pollution with Geo Tube

Accidents are often shocking. They make the headlines in the news. Sometimes, they influence our life for years to come, while in other cases, they are forgotten the next week. That´s why it’s sometimes good to check up on forgotten accidents. Documentaries show you every aspect of some of the worst accidents in history – be it man made of natural disasters. On the map of Geo Tube videos of that category can be identified by the black fire-symbol.

Human negligence – accidents, that polluted the environment

The list of accidents, that happened only due to human mistakes and negligence, is very long. Some are still present in the media, like the nuclear disasters of Chernobyl in 1986 or the multi-core-meltdown in Fukushima in 2011. On Geo Tube you’ll find background information for both those incidents. Documentaries give you insights on what went wrong and how the impacts are on the environment.

Then there are the accidents, that are pretty much forgotten but are still ongoing. Like the underground coal fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania. An underground fire, which has made living in the area almost impossible, is plaguing the town since 1962. The same thing is going on at other places in the world. Jharia in India is one of those examples. Situated in the middle of one of the biggest coalfields, people are trying to make a living. Film crews have traveled to those destinations and show you, how dangerous and life threatening it is, to be living under such circumstances.

One of the biggest environmental pollutions of the recent history was the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While drilling on the ocean floor, the platform Deepwater Horizon, operated by the company BP, suffered an explosion. Oil started to spill uncontrolled from the drilling-hole under water and polluted the ocean. Find out all about this incident, why it happened and what impact it has on the environment through investigative documentaries.

Natural disasters – past, recent and upcoming

One type of accidents, that we humans can’t influence, are the natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunamis or volcano eruptions are the most common. They often leave vast stretches of land deserted and cost many lives. In 2011, Japan was struck by two of those disasters on the same day. First, one of the biggest earthquakes hit the country. Then, a tsunami hit the east coast of Japan, causing even bigger damage. Water can be also dangerous in other forms. If you go to the area of Houston, Texas on our map, you’ll find documentaries about how people are affected by hurricanes.

At various places around the world, it is obvious, that humans do in fact influence the nature. For example there is the north of Oklahoma in the United States. Many oil and gas companies are active in this area. The wide usage of the fracking-technology has people worried. And it looks like, for a reason. A documentary is looking into the details, if fracking is really responsible for the rise in earthquakes. Scientists and politicians are still arguing about, whether humans have an impact on climate change or not. For people living on Greenland or in Alaska, the consequences are very real though. Find out through various reports, how their live if getting more and more difficult due to the changing weather.

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