About Geo Tube

Geo Tube can change the way you use Youtube! Geo Tube is about locations. With Geo-Tube you can find videos through the world map. Explore the map and find documentations, videos and more from any location you are interested in. This can be your hometown, a place you consider for your next vacation or an area, that you want to gather information about in general. Finding videocontent through Geo-Tube through their locations has several advantages over the traditional search by keywords. Maybe the video was initially wrong tagged and thus will never show for you. Or you want to find attractions and locations in a specific city and just don´t know what words to search for. In those and many more cases, Geo-Tube will deliver and show you videocontent, you otherwise would never find.

We group the videocontent into several different categories, making it easy for you, to chose the genre you want to see.

ClutureIn these groups you´ll find Videos about culture, cities and lifestyle. This ranges from social documentaries to reports about museums or events.

NatureThe green symbols mark everything that has to do with nature, animals, landscapes and vacation. Check these videos to find out more about stunning locations, cute animals or nice places to spend your next vacation.

AccidentsFireAccidents, terrorism, disasters and catastrophes are marked by these two black symbols. You´ll find videos about plane crashes, industrial accidents, crimes or nature disasters behind them.

ScienceThese categories hold videos about science, industry, technology and trading. From thrilling information about edge-cutting innovations to deep analysis of the stock market.

WarBehind this symbol you´ll find documentations and reports about conflicts and war. Find information about World War II or significant battles from world history.

HistoryThe purple castle symbolizes videos about history and politics. Here you can explore ancient civilizations or recent events as well as documentaries around political subjects.