Explore the African nature with Geo Tube

When thinking of Africa, many people have a picture of wide deserts in their mind. But the African nature is much more diverse than this. As a matter of fact, Africa has many climate zones and landscapes. From the dry sand deserts in the north to the tropical rain forests, that spread through the middle of the continent. Besides that, Africa has huge lakes like Lake Victoria or Lake Malawi. Of course, one cant forget to mention the Kilimanjaro, Africa´s highest mountain, that is covered with snow throughout the year. No wonder, that Africa is the home of over 1.100 different mammals and more than 2.400 bird species.

Kenya – a prime example of the diverse African nature

The East African nation of Kenya is a good example on how omnipresent nature is on the continent. Even the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, has a green lung like hardly any other city of that size in the world has. The city itself is home to many exotic birds. Guided tours are showing interested people this side of Kenya´s capital. Having a population of roughly 3,2 million, Nairobi is the only capital of the world, that has a national park within its borders. The Nairobi National Park has a size of about 117 km² and is home to many famous African species. You will be able to see lions, cheetahs or rhinos there. Geo Tube makes it possible for you, to explore the National Park and all those animals from your home.

Exploring the different sides of African Nature through the National Parks

Overall, Kenya has 22 National Parks and more than 10 nature reserves. This shows you, that preserving the nature and the animals of Africa is gaining more and more attention. Another interesting National Park is the Watamu Marine National Park. Through Geo Tube, you can also explore this Park, which is situated at the coast near Mombasa. The Watamu Marine National Park covers the mangroves and corals in that area. These are home to exotic fish and turtles. The turtles are using the sandy beaches to lay their eggs. These are only two examples of the African Nature. Feel free to explore the map on Geo Tube and find many more interesting nature documentaries.

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