A Milestone reached & 360 Videos on Geo Tube

With the latest update, Geo-Tube.info reached a milestone. We have now over 2000 Videos tagged on the map – and there is more to come. During the last week, we have focused on Scandinavia, and we continued to do so this week. Already, you could find some exciting drone videos on Geo Tube. Now, we’ve added another special type of clips – 360 videos.

360° videos from Finland

The interesting thing about the 360° videos is, that they are interactive. You as a viewer can move the camera around and look in a direction of your choice. This will also give you a better impression of the environment. What could be a better place to check the effect of such videos then the finish nature? That´s why we’ve added around 100 videos in 360 from Finland to Geo Tube. The country in the north of Europe has a lot to offer. There is the busy and vibrant capital Helsinki, which you can explore now on Geo Tube. Videos from the arts project Silo 468, the famous Market Square near the harbour or the Rock Church show you the diversity of the city. And then there is the nature. Finland is famous for its lakes, the forests, the winter and the polar lights. All of those and many more things can now be found on Geo Tube as 360° videos. Especially the northern lights are well worth a view. Above all of that, Finland has some interesting historical sights. For example Olavinlinna in the east. The castle was build in the 14th century and you can now explore it through videos on Geo Tube. Another castle, which is even older, is Hämeenlinna in the south of Finland.

What´s to come on Geo Tube

Taking a look at the next update, we are focusing again more on longer, serious documentations. For the next update, we start to tag the large archives of VICE and Al Jazeera on YouTube. Their serious and critical reports will take you around the globe. Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on social media, to get the newest updates on Geo Tube: